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Breanna Thomas, a Licensed Aesthetician and Professional Makeup Artist since 2004, helps highly visible, health conscious, female entrepreneurs learn how to have clearer skin and less wrinkles using a holistic total body approach that enables them to look and feel their best so they can confidently share their gifts with the world. 
She is exceptionally successful in helping others embrace agelessness, prevent and recover from burnout, as well as get to the root of and resolve the most stubborn skin conditions and health concerns. Her guidance through a process of intentionally creating a radiant existence can help anyone bravely and vibrantly let their light shine.
Breanna's cosmetics & lifestyle products are remarkably effective. Her careful creation and curation of them easily and effortlessly helps you take the guesswork out of achieving results in an incredibly luxurious and healthful way.
Breanna has also become a highly sought our expert when it comes to cosmetic product development, reformulation, sustainability, & global innovation for beauty brands. She excels in the art of creating & cleaning up cosmetic formulas, so they are not only remarkably effective but also incredibly clean, healthful, and make much less of an impact on our environment.


A note from Breanna: 

"Thanks so much for being here and allowing me to share more about creating a healthier view of beauty as well as living a truly happy and healthy life. My emphasis has, and always will be more on feeling good, rather than simply looking good.
Over the course of my career, I’ve performed close to 15,000 skin treatments, which has enabled me to know what procedures, products, and ingredients REALLY work (or not) to improve each skin type and skin condition for each skin color. 
In the process of getting to the root of some of the most challenging skin concerns, I've also discovered a method of uncovering what truly helps us all thrive, glow from the inside out, and live a life that we absolutely love. It's become very easy for me to pinpoint the blind spots most people have when it coms to their overall wellbeing. With the myriad of adjunct therapies I've been trained in, I'm able to create an easy and actionable plan for anyone to feel more peace and ease in their life, no matter where they are on their journey of transforming their complexion or healing their heart, mind, or body. 

I’m honored to have had the privilege of helping so many people transform in a way that’s boosted their self-esteem and helped them to get on with living their lives to the fullest, no longer feeling the need to be too concerned with their appearance or life's challenges anymore. 

I'd love to help you too!"
~ Breanna  

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