Complexion Transformation Strategy Session

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If you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and your skin just won't improve no matter what you do, this strategy session is for you!

Breanna, a licensed aesthetician & holistic health & wellness coach, will guide you in finding the missing links, connecting the dots, and help put you on the path to success in transforming the state of your complexion. 

Be ready to discuss:

  • everything you've tried, what's worked & what hasn't.
  • what you eat
  • what you drink (and how much)
  • how you sleep
  • the stresses in your life & how well you are/aren't managing them
  • the state of your hormones
  • gut health
  • optimizing liver function
  • prescription &/or recreational drug use (don't worry, everything is confidential)
  • eradicating possible hidden culprits
  • potential undiagnosed health concerns (and which tests you may need to request from your doctor)
  • products you've used
  • treatments you've had
  • daily lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your concerns
  • and more!

This is not a surface level session!

You will have so many new tips, trick, techniques, and insights on taking a holistic, total body approach to transforming your skin & your overall wellbeing. 

Recommendations are 100% customized & if you need assistance in finding doctors, lab tests, nutritional supplements, adjunct practitioners, dermatologists, or anything/anyone else that may benefit you, Breanna is happy to help. 

A recording of your session will be provided for you to refer back to as often as desired. 

After your Complexion Transformation Strategy Session you will have a very clear & complete picture as to what factors are contributing to your skin challenges and the next steps to take to assist you in transforming them once and for all. 

Learn more about Breanna & her qualifications in helping you HERE

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