2017 Spring Healthy Skin & Beauty Box


Spring Clean Kits

Featuring Breanna Thomas Healthy Skin & Beauty's top cleansers & facial treatment masks! 

Below you'll find the full size versions of the products included in the dry, oily, and pregnancy safe 2017 SPRING CLEAN KITS

along with the items offered in the giveaway for everyone who entered to win. 

You can learn about the benefits of the products, the ingredients they contain, read &/or leave reviews at the links below.  

If there's anything your skin fell in love with & you want to order more, remember to use the

2017 SPRING HEALTHY SKIN & BEAUTY BOX COUPON CODE found in your kit to receive your discount within 1 month of the kit's launch date.

(Launch 3/21/17 = coupon code will work thru 4/21/17) 




Photo by Lauren Schumacher