Intentionally Radiant by Breanna Thomas

Body Buffing Cloth

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Made from the woven ayate vegetable fibers taken from plants such as agave & aloe.

Great to exfoliate and cleanse your body for a youthful glow.

Pour a small amount of your favorite body wash onto the cloth and massage skin in gentle circular motions.

Rinse out well and allow to air dry completely after each use.

May be cleaned by washing with other towels in your washer & dryer.

"This is by far my most favorite body exfoliant! I've tried every loofa, scrub, & brush but I always come back to my Deluxe Natural Fiber Body Buffing Cloth. Since I'm pretty particular about bacteria growth (and bacteria loves a dark damp shower) I love that I can toss this in the washing machine after each use. I've had mine for years, wash them after every use, & they've held up remarkably well. You'll love this!" ~breanna
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1 Review

Anne 13th Aug 2014

I love it

This is one of my most prized possessions!

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