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I work with women from all walks of life.

Some swear off alcohol for health or religious reasons. Others don't go a day without their wine or a week without happy hour &/orSunday Funday. 

As an aesthetician with a holistic view of the body, I've seen the effects that too much alcohol can have on the skin (hello breakouts & wrinkles that show up way to soon.)

I've also seen the effects that the tiniest bit of booze can take on ladies who have more sensitive constitutions (rashes, flushing, and not so pretty pimples popping up all over).

Some people's skin does just fine when they drink. But for others, that may not be so fortunate, I've compiled my top tips for mitigating the damage those drinks take on them.

Even if you're not ready to cut down on the alcohol in your life, there are some very simple, easy steps you can take to make sure you stay looking lovely while you indulge.


I can't wait to share with you soon!




cover image by Amy Demos at a dear friend's wedding

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