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You may be confused about what ingredients you should/shouldn't be using in your daily self care regimen.

Beauty bloggers, DIY Pinterest pinners, your sister's neighbor's cousin, physicians, aestheticians, makeup artists, and online skin care stores all seem to have differing opinions about the skin care & makeup ingredients that you should or shouldn't be using. 

While Breanna absolutely prefers a more natural approach, she has also had much experience with not-so-natural skincare treatments & ingredients in the almost 15 years she's been working with skin. She's worked with hundreds, if not thousands of clients. Some of which want exclusively natural, clean/green/vegan/organic, while others want dramatic results - yesterday, and they don't care what it takes. This has given Breanna extensive experience with the good, the bad, and the so-so results, reactions, and reasons you'll want to choose certain ingredients or leave them out of your life completely. 

Her experience as a licensed aesthetician, professional makeup artist, mineral makeup educator, laser technician, and her personal beliefs that the healthy way is (almost) always the best way, enables her to see past the hype, black & white, the controversy, and the differing opinions regarding some of the ingredients used today. 

A list of ingredients that Breanna sometime's says no to that others may rave about as well as ingredients that may have gotten a bad wrap that can in certain instances be used for a short time will be posted here so you can make an informed decision without spending 15 years of your life researching, testing, experimenting with, and sifting thru the noise in the highly opinionated space of the internet.