Slowing The Signs Of Aging

Fine lines, wrinkles, aging skin. 

Everyday I get asked what's to be done about these things by women who come to me for help with their skin. 

While there's not one quick fix to erase all wrinkles immediately, or a miracle vat that we can jump in to take decades off the look of our skin, there are actually many things that you can do (and not do) that will make a big difference!

I recently started a podcast, The Healthy Skin & Beauty Show, and in this episode I spill my top tips on how to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. (*note: as for the podcast, I'm still working out some recording & uploading kinks, and have so much to learn, but the content is still super helpful.) 

Be forewarned, there's a lot of info here. You may want to take notes and as you mature and your skin changes you may want to revisit it from time to time. 

These answers to slowing the signs of aging aren't sexy, they aren't the latest trends, and certainly are not gimmicks. 

The solutions I share are all about creating a healthier body to slow down the look of the aging process, which ingredients you can include in your home care regimen that actually make a difference, and some things to keep in mind if you are thinking of having corrective skin care treatments done. 

It's quite a comprehensive guide to getting gorgeous skin at any age, but especially when you are starting to become concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin.


Have a listen HERE (and while you're there, feel free to subscribe to the podcast, share it with a friend who may find it helpful, and leave a review so I'll know what you think.)


As for my favorite ingredients for having healthy, gorgeous, youthful skin, you can learn more about the products mentioned that contain them by clicking on the links below.

If you try any of the suggestions I shared in this episode of The Healthy Skin & Beauty Show, I'd love to hear how they work for you. They've been super helpful to me and my clients in my skin care practice & I'm so happy to finally be making them available to everyone to hear.

In the meantime, be well & remember...

You matter and you are loved!



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