May your day/week/life be calm & peaceful

We could all use a bit more relaxation don't you think?

Nine times out of ten, when I ask someone who's come to me for help with clearing up their breakouts or reversing the signs of the aging process if they can pinpoint anything that may have contributed to their concerns, STRESS is one of their top answers.

Stress is so prevalent and seems to be affecting humankind in epidemic proportions. We've all really got to find a way to chill more often. For our health, our sanity, and our skin's sake.

Not only can stress take its toll on our physical appearance but it can rob us of joy and dampen our inner glow.

It's thought that being near water can stimulate a calming effect in the brain. If you can't be near water, looking at it is the next best thing.

Hoping this view brings you a little bit of peace and calm like it did me.

This music is also a super calming for me. It's Morning Song off The When It Falls album by Zero 7.


If your skin tends to act up in times of stress, these things may help:

If you try any of the products above i'd love to hear how the work for you. They've been super helpful to me and my clients in my skin care practice & I'm so happy to finally be making them available to all.

In the meantime, be well & remember...

You matter and you are loved!



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