What I'm working on, just for YOU!

  • Makeup & Skincare Products! I'm wrapping up the final details of my long awaited, remarkably effective skincare & makeup line - BREANNA THOMAS NATURALS. Almost 6 years in the making, tons of research, endless testing (thank you to all my clients who make the best "guinea pigs"), and it's almost ready to OFFICIALLY LAUNCH!! Solutions for all your skin & beauty challenges are almost ready for YOU!
  • Online educational tools! Learn ALL.THE.THINGS. I teach my one-on-one clients regarding what it takes to have the healthiest & most beautiful skin (as well as an incredibly happy life). You'll be able to gain access to all the diet, lifestyle, stress reduction, energy boosting, skin clearing, & youth preserving tips that I share when working with someone one-on-one for years...from the comfort of your own home!
    • Healthy Skin & Beauty Basics
    • Healthy Skin & Beauty Advanced Options:
      • A Guide to Clearer Skin & a Healthy, Happy, Beautiful Life.
      • A Guide to Graceful Aging & a Healthy, Happy, Beautiful Life.
      • A Guide to Prepping Your Skin for Pregnancy (and beyond). 
      • 30 Days To Great Skin - A Healthy Skin & Beauty REBOOT
      • The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Skin and Your Life (so you can finally start enjoying it to the fullest).
      • My Signature Program for hard working women: A Practical Plan for Looking Your Best When You Feel Like An Absolute Mess
  • E-Books:
    • Beauty Sleep: A super simple system for getting the skin of your dreams and becoming the most refreshed person you know.
    • Pretty Tasty: Healthful & delicious recipes for clearer skin and less wrinkles.
    • Boozy Beauty: A guide to clearer skin & less wrinkles for ladies who like their liquor. (Or wine, or HH, or Sunday Fun-day, or all of the above!)
  • Healthy Skin & Beauty TV... watch and learn all about having clearer skin, less wrinkles, eating for optimal health & beauty, and lifestyle hacks to help you stress less & feel your best! (Some videos are up & a lot more are being edited & scheduled to be filmed very soon.)
  • Beautifully Brave Society...The place to be when life gets rough. A free online support resource & way to give back to women who shine bright in this world & lift others up even when they fall on hard times. Trust me, if you've ever experienced loss, hardship, health challenges, or even just a bad day - you're going to want to be a part of this!
  • AND MORE! (but I'm keeping these things secret because a lady has to pace herself, right?!)

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